led lighting technology theory shortly 

LED : Light Emitting Diode. That is a semiconductor device, emitting light when the electric current flows.

The physical phenomen is well known for many years, but it became promising chance at only the last ten years, and it became real, working, realible, industrial level light source only at the last three years.  Now, every indoor lighting task can be solved correct, quality, economical way.    The key question is the product quality.    enerON professional led lighting europe.

led lighting facts and chances

office led lighting

enerON europe professional led lighting manufacturing technology the led tube specialist

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led led led why is it good

Simple answer. Due to it is an energy and cost saving, very long life time, and pleasing light source. You can save significant sum of energy cost, that is an important part of the overhead money. The saving can be about 70-90%, and the investment has very fast roi time, the result is great, the replacement is simple. Yes, the win are tens and hundreds of thousand dollars.